Monday, December 26, 2011

Almost There...

Well, we are at 36 weeks and 4 days! It is right around the corner that we get to meet our baby girl...I think excitement, anxiousness and all of the above would be an understatement right now. I CAN'T WAIT!!!! It seems that when I hit 32 weeks it felt like it was right around the corner, but these last four weeks seem sooooo long and so far away! I want them to go by fast, but yet I don't. I want to soak up the time that Darin and I have together before she makes her arrival and I still feel like I have so much left to do (being the nursery). But she will come when she feels like it...we are now on her time clock!

Everything has been going good...I can say that I am starting to get uncomfortable a little. Tennis shoes, baggier jeans and tshirts seems to be what I am living in...I will most likely be saying sayonara to the heels and tight jeans in these last few weeks...but then again I am a girl so who knows! I am ready to wear normal clothes though. I go into the stores and the regular clothes are sooo cute! The pregnancy clothes aren't quite as appealing anymore....

Christmas was great..we spent our Christmas Eve going to church with my parents, Darin's parents, Robin, Doug and Darin's cousins. We then had a delicious Chinese dinner (our yearly tradition after church) at the In-laws with the whole group. Christmas morning was very relaxing hanging out at home and then going to his parents for Christmas breakfast...It was so much fun to watch my nieces open presents and get so excited to give me presents for the Baby...our Little Miss got so many cute things and she hasn't even made her debut yet! She is already spoiled! I got my Keurig...which I LOVE!! Lets just say I am addicted to the hot apple cider. I have had two cups of it already this morning!

All in all, it was a great relaxing Christmas spending the day with Darin's side of the family and my side as well.

We have a lot going on around here at the house. We got our cabinets in our laundry room (so exciting!) so I was able to get organized with all my stuff around the house. Ya for storage space!!! We are also getting new windows (today actually as we speak) so we will no longer be thinking that all the windows are open when they are actually closed! We would lay in bed and I would always double check to see if the window was open because we could hear the wind or what was going on outside so clearly and I swear we would get a breeze through there as well.

Windows going in...Ya!

Two in so far...

Our cabinets...minus the doors...Those are soon to come. And yes, that is all my craft supplies which takes up a LOT of room (which is why we needed storage). 

So many changes to our little house. It is awesome to see this house over the past two and a half years go from a house to truly being a home where we get to welcome our little lady and make it even more of a home!

Well that is all for now! Here is a picture or two or three...ok four...of our Maternity Session with the talented Rachel Lee Photography!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

32 Weeks

Well, we have 8 weeks left and 5 weeks until our Little Miss is considered full term! Wow!

Things are going great, however the anxiousness has began to set in. I am not hating pregnancy and it hasn't been difficult, but I am just ready to meet our precious daughter! I cannot wait to hold her in my arms and fall in love with her. I don't believe that these next 8 weeks can go by fast enough....but Im sure the holidays will help! (oh and the food too)

Not much new other than I graze past people and objects with my belly more and more each being one of them when my belly grazed past my boss as we were trying to pass by each other (obviously it was a tighter fit than normal but the belly didn't help).

Sleeping (or lack there of) is getting interesting with up to 3 bathroom runs in the middle of the night and some pretty funny and crazy dreams! Apparently my Little Miss came out a boy and was already a toddler when born...lets just say I woke up a little out of sorts after that one! So Im guessing that is what is making me more fatigued during the day...all in preparation of my future to come ;)

My niece, Sam, likes to poke my baby (aka. poking my belly)...her exact words being "I just poked your baby!" And she also says "Auntie Missy you are getting BIG!!!" Haha! Well from her point of view (she is only 3 and stands under my belly) it would definitely look huge and no wonder she told me that Im going to be as big as a house! She also drew a picture of our family and I apparently took up one whole page...I just love that kid! She makes me laugh...

Other than that our Little Miss is growing and moving like crazy...sometimes I think she is doing gymnastics in there (just like her mama!).

So with Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I am thankful for our little bundle of joy growing in my belly! And of course my family and friends too....soooo much to be thankful for this year!

Here's an updated bump pic...

Have a great Thanksgiving!!! Eat lots of turkey!!! 
Gobble! Gobble!

Friday, November 18, 2011

So Much To Be Thankful For - Friendsgiving

So this year marked the 4th Annual Friendsgiving.

My hubby and his two roomies started it 4 years ago when they lived at our house and we have carried it on since we have been married. It is a great night filled with food, games, relaxation and of course great friends! Each year it seems to grow and this year we had around 34 of our friends come and join in on the fun. Everyone brings a side dish of some sort and Todd makes his wonderful turkeys each year.

This year was a fun year and it seems to just get better each year. With it supposed to have rained that day, we decided to do most of the setup inside. Normally we set it up in our backyard considering that we don't have the biggest house for an indoor party, but it was really nice inside and super cozy! And of course, the rain didn't amount to much...oh well, you can never be too prepared..right?

We had soooo much yummy food from tri-tip (ahh-mazing! Thanks Greg!) to mac-n-cheese to an amazing queso dip made on a dutch oven in our fire pit! It is always fun to see what people come up with to bring.

Each year we walk away with so many great memories and realize what great friends we have. Each one of them holds a special place in my heart and I am so thankful to have friends to be able to do such fun things with and such a tight-knit group to go to. Our friends are like a big family...we may not all see each other regularly, but when we do we can always be guaranteed a good time with great memories. I love you all!

So here are some fun pics of our amazing Friendsgiving!

The Dessert Table

 Smores Pops, Cherry Pie Pops and...

 The Drink and Appetizer Table

 The Table Setup...
Had so much fun with the wood pieces from my Father-in-law

Daryl making his YUMMY potatoes in the Dutch Oven

A good game of Cornhole

Some of the Men Chillaxin'

Some of us girls at Friendsgiving 

Can't wait till next year!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Week 28 and 29- The Good. The Awkward. The Ugly.

So tomorrow is officially week 29! Wow...only 11 more weeks till we meet our little girl! 

The belly continues to grow daily...I wake up each morning and it feels bigger than the day before, but she is also moving soooo much more. She isn't just punching and kicking in there now...she is now doing somersaults and you can see the whole movement on the outside. Such an amazing thing!

I am in the third trimester and continue to feel great. 

The Good...
1. Her movements are so much bigger and more often and Darin has FINALLY gotten to feel and see them.

2. Her room is starting to come together. We got the dresser/hutch and the rest of the furniture. Now we just have to finish the closet and wait for the bedding to arrive. I can't wait to see the finished product!

3. My sweats...still. Yes I am still in love with my sweats! I am thankful everyday that I have a job in which I wear workout clothes to work. Although, I would love to get all cute and dressed up at times, I am more grateful to be able to be so comfy all day long.

4. The Artisan Bacon and Gouda breakfast sandwich from has officially become something I have to have every few days...Thank you Robin for getting me hooked!

The Awkward....
1. My belly button. Don't fret, it is still and "innie" at this point, but boy oh boy is it sensitive. I get up in the middle of the night and the morning and it just hurts.

2. Having those days where I feel "small" and then walking past a window and looking at myself (because as girls we all do this...especially if the window is more like a mirror) and seeing how I am not "small." I blame it more on the window distorting my figure. 

3. Her movements in my belly that feel more like a muscle cramp...she must be dragging those little fists and feet across my stretched tummy muscles. 

The Ugly...
1. Darin's head. I don't mean his head as in his face...I love that face and think it is such a cute one! One that I love to kiss. But as in the top of his head. He cut it open and we had to spend last Friday night in the ER for him to get 4 staples in it. But it looks a lot better than it did. And while waiting in the ER for a few hours he finally got to see our little lady move after Mama ate some Cheese Its. (By the way she apparently love Cheese Its...she moves like crazy when I eat them. But then again who and what kid doesn't?)

28 Weeks ;)

Darin's head in the ER

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Her Birthday - Meet my BESTIE Lia

Happy Birthday Princess Lia!!!

I love you so so so soooo much! I wish we could be together to celebrate your bday, but I am thinking of you and honoring you by eating a frosted cookie...they didn't have cupcakes :(

You have been my Bestie for years now and you are more like a sister to me than a best friend. You are always there for me and you always have the right words to say. I thank you sooo much for being such an amazing friend and for being that shoulder to cry on, the ear to vent to and the girl I can always go to to have a laugh.

We have so many memories over the years from wine nights to you being my MOH (the best MOH at that!). I cherish every time I get to see you...especially since you are thousands of miles away and I can't wait till I get to see you next! I hope your birthday was super this year and full of fun and sparkles (the Lia way...we must have Sparkles!).

I look forward to seeing you in January for the arrival of the Little Miss...she is going to love her Tia Lia!

Love you Bestie!!!

생일 축하 해요 (saeng-il chugha haeyo)

Apparently that is how you say Happy Birthday Korean style!

My Birthday Cookie in celebration of YOU!!! 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Questions and Quotes


1. Why does Heartburn and Acid Reflux have to be a part of pregnancy? This is one thing I could do without. There are some other things too, but this is the newest of the is all for cute little nugget we get to meet in 12.5 weeks so that makes it better...I just have to remind myself of that!

2. Why do I wake up every morning with all the intention to do some form of a workout (walk, lift weights, do 5 or so squats to make me feel better) and the majority of the time it comes to the end of the evening and I am getting ready for bed. Without a workout for the day.

3. How come I keep packing the same apple in my lunch everyday? It gets put in my lunch bag in the morning, goes to work with me, comes home with me and gets put right back in the fridge. This has been a repeat for a while. I vow to eat it tomorrow...but I have been saying that since last week too.

4. Why is it so much easier to sit at the computer or watch TV or read anything else, but to read my devotional? We always seem to have extra time to do other things and the most important time (time with God) is left for later. I fall to this all too often...this morning being an example. I had extra time before work and instead of picking up my devotional and doing it in the morning, I decided to read my favorite blog. One area I definitely need work on!


"I believe in pink. I believe that laughter is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe tomorrow is another day. And I believe in miracles." -Audrey Hepburn

Our Halloween Costume (I am a pumpkin and the hubby is a Pumpkin Farmer)...
Creative...I know

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

So I'm stealing this idea of the Awkward and Awesome of the week from another blog...I just thought it was so fun! Here goes it!

1. Apparently I can no longer fit into spaces and places I once was able to. Like when there is a passage way in the garage to maneuver around that my brain tells me I can fit through...oh but wait my belly tells me I can't!
2. Iron is not my good friend. I have low iron and I am taking supplements (love the stomach aches from it...that is sarcastic) and it is still low. Now onto taking extra Vitamin C to absorb it better and bring on the cheeseburgers!
3. Trying to be fashionable with the ever expanding belly and thighs...lets just say I have had to do some research.
4. It is honestly getting harder to bend over, but I can still touch my toes and see them too!!!
5. The love hate relationship with sleep...I toss and turn all night one night, wake up wide awake at 4:45am and then the next night feel like I could sleep all night and all day.
6. Itchy belly and do you discretely itch your boobs in public? I'm not talking the itch that goes away or that you can, this is the kind of itch that gets worse if you try to ignore it and it just keeps saying "Scratch me Please!!!"
7. Getting my Rogan shot (for RH Negative blood) in the butt! Not pleasant!

1. CHEESE BURGERS!!! Can I say I love them right now and have so far during this whole pregnancy! I guess it's my body's way of telling me about my iron...I'm not going to complain!
2. I am in love with sweats. I am so thankful that the nights are getting cooler and I can put on my comfy over sized sweats. For some reason over sized sweats makes me feel smaller...mental thing? I think so.
3. The nursery is painted and we are just waiting on her dresser/hutch and her bedding to come (both being made at the moment)
4. She continues to move and kick around. I love that feeling! Sometimes in awkward places (such as bladder or ribs) but I still love it!
5. Spending time with my niece Sam this week. She is four and makes me so excited for a girl and the fun to come with my daughter and with cousins.
6. My ever expanding belly...that is an Awkward and an Awesome!

So that is what is happening in a short story sense!

Here is some of my research of cute maternity fashion that I may have to copy!

Just had to throw the next pic in 'cause I love it and want this pic for our little lady!

Have a HAPPY Day!!!! ;)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Our Fetal Echocardiogram - For Precautionary Purposes

So as many of you know, I am an only child. But I did have a younger sister. Her name was Lindsay and she was born November 2, 1987. My sister was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome in which the left chamber of her heart didn't fully develop and was unable to pump blood efficiently. They did not know this before she was born because nothing abnormal showed up on the ultrasounds and my mom had a completely normal pregnancy.

At the time when she was born the 4 step surgery was still fairly new and only done in Boston. My mom and nana were about to board the air plane to go to Boston to be there for her surgery, when my mom heard her name over the intercom. She approached the front desk of the terminal and was told she had a phone call. It was CHOC hospital saying Lindsay couldn't make the flight to Boston. The altitude would be too difficult on her heart.

My sister passed a few weeks after she was born.  I was only four at the time and I didn't attend her funeral because my parents didn't think it was fair for me to go through that. I do remember visiting CHOC hospital and seeing Lindsay in the incubator and being able to put my hands in the rubber gloves of the incubator and touch her. I also remember going with my dad to pick out something for her. I chose a fuzzy little bunny rabbit stuffed animal that had a rattle inside of this day I still have that bunny and it has her hospital name band on it. I will forever keep that close to me. I did not get to grow up with my sister, get to know her, or do the sisterly things, but I still think about her all the time and know that she is in the best place and I will one day get to see her again.

So, when I told the doc about this she said that Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome is not something that is passed through the genes so our child is about 95% not going to have it. But she stated that it didn't mean that other heart conditions may not be genetic. For precautionary purposes she wanted to do a fetal echo to take a closer look at the heart. I went today for that and everything looks great!!! She has a great heartbeat and the heart looks like it is developing just right with no abnormalities!! Praise be to God!!!

It was such great news to hear that today and to get to see her again...she has grown so much since our 20 week ultrasound. She has a pretty good sized belly by the looks of it already! So it turned out great, but I left really thinking about my sister...but I know she is looking down on us and will be looking down upon our little girl as she grows! I love knowing that!

Here is a picture from todays ultrasound:

I have to say she has a cute profile!!! Love her already!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Update on Life and 25 Weeks

So, it has been a while since my last post. Life has just been super busy, but in a completely good way. I am in love with the weather lately and just hope that it continues to stay cool so I can wear comfy sweaters and boots. I love fall...pumpkins, pumpkin spice lattes, sweats, beanies, scarves, pumpkin spice muffins, Uggs, the crisp mornings and cools evenings, pumpkin spice candles...well pretty much all parts of fall (especially anything pumpkin spiced!).

We continue to get everything ready for our little girl to make her arrival in 15 weeks (Wow! That will be here before we know it!)...we are remodeling our breeze way room of our house. This is the room we like to call the "Country Room" because of the wood beamed ceiling and it has this sort of country feel to it. Darin has been hard at work knocking down a wall, building a new one, dry walling, mudding, ripping up carpet, electrical...and more! It is what I would say half way done! Ya! Once the dry wall is complete and mudded then we get to paint and put in our new flooring and of course the fun part...go shopping!!!! Oh and get our storage cabinets put in our now enlarged size laundry room! Maybe it will get me more excited to do laundry...doubt it, but hey I can be hopeful right?

Here are some pics of the remodel...

This is the room before. The little laundry room was where the door was.

Wall is down.

I am helping tear down the wall (mostly just posing for a picture!)

Our new wall and dry wall is up! Oh, and that is not the flooring we are doing...
that was under the carpet. The enlarged laundry room is behind "Door Number One"!

Our new laundry room with dry walled ceilings and can lights!

Lucy's usual spot in front of the lights...

Once that project is done then we can start working on the nursery...right now her room is a storage facility for all that was in the "Country Room" and laundry room and garage sale items. Thankfully I know how I want her nursery to be done so it will just be a matter of putting it all together.

We are at week 25 now...I am feeling great! She is kicking more and more, but Darin has yet to feel her. Every time he goes to do so she either stops kicking hard or stops kicking all together...already joking with her Daddy!

I have my first shower next weekend that I am very excited about! Time just feels like it is flying by...I have a feeling that once it hits Halloween the time will just fly by even faster...we have such a busy November and then December is full of holiday stuff and then it will be New Year's and then BOOM! we are two weeks away from meeting our little girl! Crazy to think about how fast it all comes. I can't even begin to fathom what it will be like when we finally get to meet her and how much life is going to change...for the better of course! I have my days where I am totally nervous about the future and all that comes with being a new mom, but I just feel so blessed! God truly is amazing! I just can't wait to snuggle with her on the couch on cold winter days to go on morning go on playdates with friends...for her to play with her cousins...and so much more! There is so much to look forward to!

Well, here is an updated "Bump" pic for y'all!

We are growing daily!

Happy fall!!! ;)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

One Eventful Week

So, to say this past week or so was eventful is to say the least!

As many of you may know or have heard the Haringsma family had a pretty crazy and emotional week. So long story short, my Father-in-law, Pete (aka. Pistol Pete), was told by the doctor to start using the treadmill at home for exercise. He followed directions and about two weeks or so ago took a fall on the treadmill. In the midst of falling he fell onto his trailer. He was in a lot of pain and a few days later went to the ER and was told he fractured a rib, was given some meds and sent home to rest. When pain wouldn't go away they went back to ER/doctors and the same thing as before. Pain still was there and was not subsiding and he was then taken back to the doctors and then to the ER where they checked him and found he had pneumonia. In the midst of this all going on, Darin calls me to let me know that his grandma was in ER and being admitted to the same hospital for Congestive Heart Failure. She was having trouble breathing and they found fluid in her lungs.

We then get a call from his mom that they may suspect that Pete has internal bleeding. He was admitted to the hospital, had a CT scan (which came back negative on internal bleeding) and found he had blood clots around his lungs. He was put on blood thinners and pain meds and has now been in the hospital for almost a week. Grandma is also still in the hospital and is about the same and awaiting an angiogram tomorrow to tell them more.

Over the last few days Pete has been getting good sleep, eating well and seems to be back to his normal self joking and smiling...which is great to see! Now that he is feeling better he is ancy to get out of there and get home, but they have to wait on the blood to thin more before they will send him home but they are hoping for Tuesday.

Many of you saw on Facebook or received a text from someone in the family for prayers during this time and a BIG Thank You goes out for all the prayers! God truly listens to each one and we know that He is in control and is constantly watching over. We ask for continued prayers for further healing and to bring both Grandma and Pistol Pete home soon! ;)

So, now a preggers update is as follows:

I am now 22.5 weeks along and feeling great other than my ever expanding butt and thighs (insert sad face here)...but I just have to remember that my body is a Hotel right now for my Little Miss and is all worth it! But I am already thinking about that post-baby workout regimen! I have a memory bank full of fun creative exercises and can't wait to get that jogger to hit the pavement with.

Her kicks and movements are getting much stronger...especially after I eat. I think she likes food! But still not really able to be felt on the outside yet, except a few occasional times. Sleep is going good other than a few occasional nights of restless sleep due to a racing mind that won't settle. And I can not sleep with out my body pillow now...well its actually just a King size pillow but it makes life so much more comfortable, but it is like having three people in our bed now. And having to turn over in the night and drag that thing over top of me under the covers is like a chore! And I can only imagine that it is going to get harder. But all in all, everything is GREAT and going well and I am truly enjoying being pregnant!

Here is a recent Bump Pic:

22.5 Weeks

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Reveal (Team PINK!)

So this past Thursday we got to find out the sex of the baby and as many of you have seen on Facebook or even read in the title of this post...we are Team PINK!!! We were very excited to find out it was a girl considering I couldn't wait to do some shopping and make her some headbands and Darin is now preparing an electrical fence around the house (so no boys can ever come in...just kidding) but if he could Im sure it crossed his mind! 

So, we found out Thursday but we had to keep it to ourselves until Friday night when the whole family could get together...OMG! I had people texting me and writing me on FB "So???," "Did you find out?" and I couldn't tell them! I was ready to call everyone and let them know, but Darin kept telling me we had to wait. So, I made sure that I didn't talk to many people on the phone that night or the next day thinking that I may slip it out...I was very careful with my words. 

Friday night we had Darin's parents, my parents, and the sis and bro-in-law and their two munchkins over for the reveal. We had talked about different ways of doing the reveal from a scavenger hunt to a pinata full of pink candy, but we figured after waiting this long to find out they would be eager. So, we had three paper bags on our with a pink bow, one with a blue bow and one with no bow. They were handed out to the Grandmas and Auntie Robin to open. On the count of three they opened them and each one had something PINK inside it. They were very excited and I will never forget my mom's was like a little kid opening a present on Christmas morning! The rest of the night we talked about the nursery, shopping for a girl, etc. 

Oh and speaking of shopping...this little lady is going to be one stylish girl! We went shopping on Saturday and Sunday and hit up a bunch of sales (Pumpkin Patch primarily) and she has some of the cutest stuff already! And of course, I have already been making her some matching headbands for those outfits!!! ;)

So, we have a little PINK bun in the oven and we can't wait to meet her! Here is her most recent pic and an updated bump pic...

She is already a cutie! 

She was giving a Thumbs Up!

Friday, September 2, 2011

20 Weeks- Half Way There!

So we are now 20 weeks along and feeling great! I went to the doctor last week and found out that my iron is low so I am going on iron supplements, but other than that I am loving pregnancy! We got to find out what "It" is yesterday, but you will have to wait to find out till we tell our family!

The whole ultrasound experience was amazing! The baby was lying breach while they were trying to do the anatomy scan and then all of a sudden it started moving and kicking like crazy and then flipped over on to it's back....I think partly due to the sugary drink I had before we left. The poor thing was probably on a sugar high!!! Once it flipped over we were then able to see what the bean was! It was definitely an emotional afternoon; being able to see that makes it all the more real. I think the best thing besides finding out the sex was getting to watch Darin as he go to hear and see the heartbeat for the first time. He hasn't been able to come to any of the appointments since the first one so he has only heard the heart beat from my recording on the phone. And it is so much better to hear in person.

Since we found out yesterday I can't help myself but look at all the baby stuff on I want the nursery...clothes...etc. It is so much more fun now that we know! Darin actually stopped in after our ultrasound at Babies R Us to let me buy something for the baby...he is sweet and a keeper too! I have been waiting till we knew what it was to buy any clothes, but have been having fun looking at all the boy clothes and girl clothes and wondering and wishing!

Also! The other night I was at the computer and I swear I finally felt the baby move too! I felt that different sort of feeling like a flutter and thought that it was maybe a gas pain or bubble but it wasn't (for apparent reasons that I don't need to write down)! I then felt more later on as I went to bed that night. I am so excited to start feeling it more and for Darin to hopefully get to feel it on the outside soon too!

Well we will keep you posted on what is to come...


We will soon let you know!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The "Baby" before the BABY Comes

So, last week Darin had told me that if I wanted to get a puppy I could and it could be an early birthday present. Of course, I took this and ran with it. I was on the computer the whole next day and found the most adorable little Boxer puppy for sale from a breeder. We went and picked her up that night.

She was 6 weeks old when we got her and we have had her for a week. We decided to name her Lucy since she has a ton of spunk and is feisty...the name seemed to fit. Call it a need to nurture something right now or all the prego hormones that I wanted a little puppy (aka. like a baby)...but she is so pickin' cute! I was up with her the first two nights since she cried and after that Darin said she lost her privileges and has been sleeping out side. Our older dog,  Lady Bird, was unsure of Lucy at first but over a week they have grown to love each other...or at least handle each other (more so on Lady Bird's part). Lucy seems to be like that annoying younger sibling that is always following you around and pestering you constantly, but Lady Bird doesn't seem to mind. Watching them together has been comical and fun and something to look forward to when getting home. Lucy has the small dog syndrome as I like to put it...she likes to go after the bigger dogs not realizing she is all of about 8 pounds...but it is funny!

Now we are in Puppy Training at home before the BABY comes in January!

Here are some pics of our newest addition...

She fell asleep in the shopping cart at Petco. 

She was having fun chasing the beach ball till she popped it :(