Saturday, November 17, 2012

One Man's Trash Is My TREASURE {Pallets}

Just about over a year ago I started doing a lot of DIY-ing around my house. I realized that I was cheap and I have a tendency to change things...often. With this sort of habit it makes it hard when you spend a hefty price on something. That is where my DIY-ing came in and met up with Pinterest (pretty much the best website EVER!). I began to develop my love with spray paint, the antique swap meet and Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. I started to reuse things around my house and make them new again. Plus this made my habit of changing things a little easier since I don't spend much on them initially.

Side Note: This does not go for everything. I believe that some things you need to splurge on, but I have just learned that I (myself) need to LOVE it before I purchase it for the hefty price.

Anyways, back to my DIY-ing. Enter...the Pallet. A simple piece of multiple strips of wood put together to serve a helpful purpose of packaging and transporting items. An item that so often gets thrown into a dumpster, out on the street or in an alley way. I had requested some pallets from Darin's uncle to make a bench in our front room. Well, they sat for a long time collecting dust so I decided to do something with them. I had remembered seeing a sign on Pinterest and Etsy made out of pallets. I gave it a go and turned out to LOVE it...literally (that's what is written on my sign)! The nice thing was as Darin said, "If you don't like it we can always use it as fire wood."

Well, it has been up on our wall in our living room for over a year now. I think that may be a record for me!

I got creative and went to work making signs for my sis-in-laws boutique and to my surprise they were a hit! I only made a few since I feel these are very personal. So, instead I took custom orders. That way people are able to choose what they want put on it. I love the word "love" for my living room, my sis-in-law has "Blessed," and others chose their last names and the day they were married.

The thing I love about doing these; not only are they personal and fun to make for people, but truly the sky is the limit when comes to designing them!

Here are some I have made...hope you likey!


This is the one hanging in my living room:

"Ahoy Matey's!"

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