Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kids N' Krafts {Freezer Bag Art}

This past week we had our second crafty playdate. This time around we did a much faster craft and we involved the kiddos in it too!

Saying "Good Morning" to their friends.

Each Mommy brought a canvas or two that could be placed into a gallon size freezer bag. We squirted whatever color paints we wanted into the bag (no special technique...just squirt away!) and sealed up the bag trying to get most of the air out. We then showed the kiddos how to move the paint around inside the bag by placing their hands on top and helping them with hand-over-hand. When they were all finished we took out the canvas and let it dry and you have a Baby Picasso Painting!

The nice thing is it is pretty much mess-free other than when you have to take it out of the bag which us Mommies got some paint on us but none that a little water couldn't cure. It was a fun, easy and quick craft and a little piece of art to put in the house that was made with love! I love hand made things especially when it has to do with my little family!

 Hollyn working on her Masterpiece

Riley was quite the Little Picasso

Stella listening intently on how to do it

The finished products!!!

You can get creative with this craft too! Hollyn lost the attention span to keep doing it with her hands so I put the bag on the ground and would lift her up and down on it like she was hopping. If you do it with a little baby use their feet, hands, even their booties could work! There is no way to "screw" this up so be creative and most of all...have fun with your little one doing it!

After the craft...the kids got their play time on!!!

Happy Kids, Happy Krafting!!

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