Sunday, September 18, 2011

One Eventful Week

So, to say this past week or so was eventful is to say the least!

As many of you may know or have heard the Haringsma family had a pretty crazy and emotional week. So long story short, my Father-in-law, Pete (aka. Pistol Pete), was told by the doctor to start using the treadmill at home for exercise. He followed directions and about two weeks or so ago took a fall on the treadmill. In the midst of falling he fell onto his trailer. He was in a lot of pain and a few days later went to the ER and was told he fractured a rib, was given some meds and sent home to rest. When pain wouldn't go away they went back to ER/doctors and the same thing as before. Pain still was there and was not subsiding and he was then taken back to the doctors and then to the ER where they checked him and found he had pneumonia. In the midst of this all going on, Darin calls me to let me know that his grandma was in ER and being admitted to the same hospital for Congestive Heart Failure. She was having trouble breathing and they found fluid in her lungs.

We then get a call from his mom that they may suspect that Pete has internal bleeding. He was admitted to the hospital, had a CT scan (which came back negative on internal bleeding) and found he had blood clots around his lungs. He was put on blood thinners and pain meds and has now been in the hospital for almost a week. Grandma is also still in the hospital and is about the same and awaiting an angiogram tomorrow to tell them more.

Over the last few days Pete has been getting good sleep, eating well and seems to be back to his normal self joking and smiling...which is great to see! Now that he is feeling better he is ancy to get out of there and get home, but they have to wait on the blood to thin more before they will send him home but they are hoping for Tuesday.

Many of you saw on Facebook or received a text from someone in the family for prayers during this time and a BIG Thank You goes out for all the prayers! God truly listens to each one and we know that He is in control and is constantly watching over. We ask for continued prayers for further healing and to bring both Grandma and Pistol Pete home soon! ;)

So, now a preggers update is as follows:

I am now 22.5 weeks along and feeling great other than my ever expanding butt and thighs (insert sad face here)...but I just have to remember that my body is a Hotel right now for my Little Miss and is all worth it! But I am already thinking about that post-baby workout regimen! I have a memory bank full of fun creative exercises and can't wait to get that jogger to hit the pavement with.

Her kicks and movements are getting much stronger...especially after I eat. I think she likes food! But still not really able to be felt on the outside yet, except a few occasional times. Sleep is going good other than a few occasional nights of restless sleep due to a racing mind that won't settle. And I can not sleep with out my body pillow now...well its actually just a King size pillow but it makes life so much more comfortable, but it is like having three people in our bed now. And having to turn over in the night and drag that thing over top of me under the covers is like a chore! And I can only imagine that it is going to get harder. But all in all, everything is GREAT and going well and I am truly enjoying being pregnant!

Here is a recent Bump Pic:

22.5 Weeks

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