Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Update on Life and 25 Weeks

So, it has been a while since my last post. Life has just been super busy, but in a completely good way. I am in love with the weather lately and just hope that it continues to stay cool so I can wear comfy sweaters and boots. I love fall...pumpkins, pumpkin spice lattes, sweats, beanies, scarves, pumpkin spice muffins, Uggs, the crisp mornings and cools evenings, pumpkin spice candles...well pretty much all parts of fall (especially anything pumpkin spiced!).

We continue to get everything ready for our little girl to make her arrival in 15 weeks (Wow! That will be here before we know it!)...we are remodeling our breeze way room of our house. This is the room we like to call the "Country Room" because of the wood beamed ceiling and it has this sort of country feel to it. Darin has been hard at work knocking down a wall, building a new one, dry walling, mudding, ripping up carpet, electrical...and more! It is what I would say half way done! Ya! Once the dry wall is complete and mudded then we get to paint and put in our new flooring and of course the fun part...go shopping!!!! Oh and get our storage cabinets put in our now enlarged size laundry room! Maybe it will get me more excited to do laundry...doubt it, but hey I can be hopeful right?

Here are some pics of the remodel...

This is the room before. The little laundry room was where the door was.

Wall is down.

I am helping tear down the wall (mostly just posing for a picture!)

Our new wall and dry wall is up! Oh, and that is not the flooring we are doing...
that was under the carpet. The enlarged laundry room is behind "Door Number One"!

Our new laundry room with dry walled ceilings and can lights!

Lucy's usual spot in front of the lights...

Once that project is done then we can start working on the nursery...right now her room is a storage facility for all that was in the "Country Room" and laundry room and garage sale items. Thankfully I know how I want her nursery to be done so it will just be a matter of putting it all together.

We are at week 25 now...I am feeling great! She is kicking more and more, but Darin has yet to feel her. Every time he goes to do so she either stops kicking hard or stops kicking all together...already joking with her Daddy!

I have my first shower next weekend that I am very excited about! Time just feels like it is flying by...I have a feeling that once it hits Halloween the time will just fly by even faster...we have such a busy November and then December is full of holiday stuff and then it will be New Year's and then BOOM! we are two weeks away from meeting our little girl! Crazy to think about how fast it all comes. I can't even begin to fathom what it will be like when we finally get to meet her and how much life is going to change...for the better of course! I have my days where I am totally nervous about the future and all that comes with being a new mom, but I just feel so blessed! God truly is amazing! I just can't wait to snuggle with her on the couch on cold winter days to go on morning go on playdates with friends...for her to play with her cousins...and so much more! There is so much to look forward to!

Well, here is an updated "Bump" pic for y'all!

We are growing daily!

Happy fall!!! ;)

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