Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The "Baby" before the BABY Comes

So, last week Darin had told me that if I wanted to get a puppy I could and it could be an early birthday present. Of course, I took this and ran with it. I was on the computer the whole next day and found the most adorable little Boxer puppy for sale from a breeder. We went and picked her up that night.

She was 6 weeks old when we got her and we have had her for a week. We decided to name her Lucy since she has a ton of spunk and is feisty...the name seemed to fit. Call it a need to nurture something right now or all the prego hormones that I wanted a little puppy (aka. like a baby)...but she is so pickin' cute! I was up with her the first two nights since she cried and after that Darin said she lost her privileges and has been sleeping out side. Our older dog,  Lady Bird, was unsure of Lucy at first but over a week they have grown to love each other...or at least handle each other (more so on Lady Bird's part). Lucy seems to be like that annoying younger sibling that is always following you around and pestering you constantly, but Lady Bird doesn't seem to mind. Watching them together has been comical and fun and something to look forward to when getting home. Lucy has the small dog syndrome as I like to put it...she likes to go after the bigger dogs not realizing she is all of about 8 pounds...but it is funny!

Now we are in Puppy Training at home before the BABY comes in January!

Here are some pics of our newest addition...

She fell asleep in the shopping cart at Petco. 

She was having fun chasing the beach ball till she popped it :(

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