Monday, December 26, 2011

Almost There...

Well, we are at 36 weeks and 4 days! It is right around the corner that we get to meet our baby girl...I think excitement, anxiousness and all of the above would be an understatement right now. I CAN'T WAIT!!!! It seems that when I hit 32 weeks it felt like it was right around the corner, but these last four weeks seem sooooo long and so far away! I want them to go by fast, but yet I don't. I want to soak up the time that Darin and I have together before she makes her arrival and I still feel like I have so much left to do (being the nursery). But she will come when she feels like it...we are now on her time clock!

Everything has been going good...I can say that I am starting to get uncomfortable a little. Tennis shoes, baggier jeans and tshirts seems to be what I am living in...I will most likely be saying sayonara to the heels and tight jeans in these last few weeks...but then again I am a girl so who knows! I am ready to wear normal clothes though. I go into the stores and the regular clothes are sooo cute! The pregnancy clothes aren't quite as appealing anymore....

Christmas was great..we spent our Christmas Eve going to church with my parents, Darin's parents, Robin, Doug and Darin's cousins. We then had a delicious Chinese dinner (our yearly tradition after church) at the In-laws with the whole group. Christmas morning was very relaxing hanging out at home and then going to his parents for Christmas breakfast...It was so much fun to watch my nieces open presents and get so excited to give me presents for the Baby...our Little Miss got so many cute things and she hasn't even made her debut yet! She is already spoiled! I got my Keurig...which I LOVE!! Lets just say I am addicted to the hot apple cider. I have had two cups of it already this morning!

All in all, it was a great relaxing Christmas spending the day with Darin's side of the family and my side as well.

We have a lot going on around here at the house. We got our cabinets in our laundry room (so exciting!) so I was able to get organized with all my stuff around the house. Ya for storage space!!! We are also getting new windows (today actually as we speak) so we will no longer be thinking that all the windows are open when they are actually closed! We would lay in bed and I would always double check to see if the window was open because we could hear the wind or what was going on outside so clearly and I swear we would get a breeze through there as well.

Windows going in...Ya!

Two in so far...

Our cabinets...minus the doors...Those are soon to come. And yes, that is all my craft supplies which takes up a LOT of room (which is why we needed storage). 

So many changes to our little house. It is awesome to see this house over the past two and a half years go from a house to truly being a home where we get to welcome our little lady and make it even more of a home!

Well that is all for now! Here is a picture or two or three...ok four...of our Maternity Session with the talented Rachel Lee Photography!

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