Saturday, October 22, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

So I'm stealing this idea of the Awkward and Awesome of the week from another blog...I just thought it was so fun! Here goes it!

1. Apparently I can no longer fit into spaces and places I once was able to. Like when there is a passage way in the garage to maneuver around that my brain tells me I can fit through...oh but wait my belly tells me I can't!
2. Iron is not my good friend. I have low iron and I am taking supplements (love the stomach aches from it...that is sarcastic) and it is still low. Now onto taking extra Vitamin C to absorb it better and bring on the cheeseburgers!
3. Trying to be fashionable with the ever expanding belly and thighs...lets just say I have had to do some research.
4. It is honestly getting harder to bend over, but I can still touch my toes and see them too!!!
5. The love hate relationship with sleep...I toss and turn all night one night, wake up wide awake at 4:45am and then the next night feel like I could sleep all night and all day.
6. Itchy belly and do you discretely itch your boobs in public? I'm not talking the itch that goes away or that you can, this is the kind of itch that gets worse if you try to ignore it and it just keeps saying "Scratch me Please!!!"
7. Getting my Rogan shot (for RH Negative blood) in the butt! Not pleasant!

1. CHEESE BURGERS!!! Can I say I love them right now and have so far during this whole pregnancy! I guess it's my body's way of telling me about my iron...I'm not going to complain!
2. I am in love with sweats. I am so thankful that the nights are getting cooler and I can put on my comfy over sized sweats. For some reason over sized sweats makes me feel smaller...mental thing? I think so.
3. The nursery is painted and we are just waiting on her dresser/hutch and her bedding to come (both being made at the moment)
4. She continues to move and kick around. I love that feeling! Sometimes in awkward places (such as bladder or ribs) but I still love it!
5. Spending time with my niece Sam this week. She is four and makes me so excited for a girl and the fun to come with my daughter and with cousins.
6. My ever expanding belly...that is an Awkward and an Awesome!

So that is what is happening in a short story sense!

Here is some of my research of cute maternity fashion that I may have to copy!

Just had to throw the next pic in 'cause I love it and want this pic for our little lady!

Have a HAPPY Day!!!! ;)

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  1. I LOVE the Daybook...I follow this blog everyday. Sydney has THE BEST sense of style, even before she became preggers. Glad I have a fellow blog stalker out there ;)