Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Week 28 and 29- The Good. The Awkward. The Ugly.

So tomorrow is officially week 29! Wow...only 11 more weeks till we meet our little girl! 

The belly continues to grow daily...I wake up each morning and it feels bigger than the day before, but she is also moving soooo much more. She isn't just punching and kicking in there now...she is now doing somersaults and you can see the whole movement on the outside. Such an amazing thing!

I am in the third trimester and continue to feel great. 

The Good...
1. Her movements are so much bigger and more often and Darin has FINALLY gotten to feel and see them.

2. Her room is starting to come together. We got the dresser/hutch and the rest of the furniture. Now we just have to finish the closet and wait for the bedding to arrive. I can't wait to see the finished product!

3. My sweats...still. Yes I am still in love with my sweats! I am thankful everyday that I have a job in which I wear workout clothes to work. Although, I would love to get all cute and dressed up at times, I am more grateful to be able to be so comfy all day long.

4. The Artisan Bacon and Gouda breakfast sandwich from has officially become something I have to have every few days...Thank you Robin for getting me hooked!

The Awkward....
1. My belly button. Don't fret, it is still and "innie" at this point, but boy oh boy is it sensitive. I get up in the middle of the night and the morning and it just hurts.

2. Having those days where I feel "small" and then walking past a window and looking at myself (because as girls we all do this...especially if the window is more like a mirror) and seeing how I am not "small." I blame it more on the window distorting my figure. 

3. Her movements in my belly that feel more like a muscle cramp...she must be dragging those little fists and feet across my stretched tummy muscles. 

The Ugly...
1. Darin's head. I don't mean his head as in his face...I love that face and think it is such a cute one! One that I love to kiss. But as in the top of his head. He cut it open and we had to spend last Friday night in the ER for him to get 4 staples in it. But it looks a lot better than it did. And while waiting in the ER for a few hours he finally got to see our little lady move after Mama ate some Cheese Its. (By the way she apparently love Cheese Its...she moves like crazy when I eat them. But then again who and what kid doesn't?)

28 Weeks ;)

Darin's head in the ER

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