Sunday, February 24, 2013

HOLLYN {1 Years Old}

I can't believe my baby is already one...well actually almost 13 months. I meant to take her 1 year pics as soon as she turned one, but time slipped away and we are about 4 weeks past her birthday and I just now finally took them. They are not what I had planned in my head, but I like how they turned out anyways.

She has a rocking chair that was mine as a kid and now resides in her room which she loves to climb up on, sit and then climb off and repeat it all over again. We took the rocker outside to capture some fun photos since it is one of her favorite items right now.

HOLLYN's Favorites:

  • Mommy's old rocking chair
  • Kicking a ball
  • Mac n' cheese
  • Nutrigrain Breakfast Bars
  • Her Lovey...can't sleep without it!
  • Blocks (mainly just knocking them all down)
  • Playing outside
  • Cozy Coupe push car
  • Doggies
  • Veggies
  • Tampons (yes that is right!) - The kid loves to find my tampons in the bathroom and drag them all through the if you come over to visit and find random tampons hidden around this is why!
  • Tooth brushes and hair brushes - she carries them everywhere...Target, Trader Joe's, The Dr's, etc.
  • SMILING!!! My favorite thing about her! 

HOLLYN's Not-So-Favorites:
  • Getting dressed 
  • Eating meat (she is a partial vegetarian right now)
  • Being told NO - I think this goes for most kids
  • Being in a shopping cart for more than 15 minutes

HOLLYN'S 1 Year Pictures (sorry for the abundance of pictures...I just can't get enough of her): 

We love you Hollyn with all our hearts! Now stop growing sooo fast!!!! Love, Mommy. 

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