Monday, March 4, 2013

Kids N' Krafts

So, today we had our first Mommy Craft Play Date where we let the kiddos play and us Mommies got our craft on! It was a lot of fun, but somewhat chaotic...apparently 11:30 is close to many of their nap times!

All in all it was a good time. We enjoyed some salad, girl talk, seeing all the kids play, and did a craft...or at least started one! This week we did Spring Time door wreaths...we each brought our own supplies whether it was a foam wreath to wrap with yarn (FYI: takes forever!) or a branch-style wreath to decorate and let the kiddos run in the backyard, play in the sand box, watch Mickey Mouse Club House and get a little mischievous (ahem...Hollyn and Stella!!! We caught them trying to steal the Twin's bottles!).

My finished product.

Thank you ladies for joining in the craft today...I hope you enjoyed yourselves. We may not get a craft done each time but at least we get to grow in our friendships and watch our children have friendships that will also continue to grow!

So, what I learned from this one:

  • We need to do it earlier before the kids start crashing and getting delirious for nap time...say 9:30-10?
  • Yarn wrapped wreaths take more time than I thought but are totally worth it!
  • My Hubby needs to make a sun cover for our sandbox before all of our children come home with better tans than we will have. 
  • We occasionally need to incorporate Mimosas! Wink Wink!!!
Our next Kids N' Krafts day is going to be painted antlers! I have been eyeing these for a while on Etsy and would you believe that people want $80 for them?! Yikes! They may sound weird but they are totally cute when put on a shelf or dresser...Im very excited to do these...stay tuned for the finished product!

Totally CUTE right?!

So excited for this next one!

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