Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Mommy Moment {Me Time}

I have been told numerous times that a good mother and wife needs to recharge her batteries in order to be her best. If our batteries run low for too long we will not be able to fully fulfill our role to the best of our abilities. After becoming a mom myself I have found this to be more than true. I find myself longing   for "Me Time" more now than ever before; whether it is just to run to Target without worrying if I brought snacks and milk, how long she is going to last in the cart before we have to run down the toy isle to preoccupy her, noticing that she squeezed out all the apple sauce from the pouch onto the contents in the cart just to realize that I didn't bring wipes and now I have to lick it off of myself and her, losing a shoe somewhere in the store and never to see it again, having a yogurt and a block of cheese bitten into like we had rats riding in the cart and the list goes on.

I LOVE my daughter with ALL my heart and as I write this I can't help but laugh at all of our funny experiences; some of which aren't so funny when they are happening in the moment. But she always has a way of making me laugh and smile in the end. However, going to Target solo is oh so nice too! Browsing every department (you HAVE to when you go there), up and down the isles at your own pace...ahhh....or getting a mani/pedi, going to lunch with a good friend, going on a run solo...are all things that help recharge my batteries.

But, I find myself torn at times between doing things for myself and spending time with her. It's almost as though I make myself feel guilty for wanting to go do things for myself; by myself. I only work 3 days a week and we are home by 3:30, but it seems that once we get home, play for about an hour then it is time to start the nighttime routine of make dinner, bath, play, make lunches and bed. So, when my days off come around I find myself wanting to hangout out with her more and do something fun or try to get all my errands and cleaning done and the "Me Time" gets pushed aside or is taking place in the late hours of the night vegging in front of the computer or TV, but then the dilemma is that I am not spending time with my hubby relaxing and cuddling like we should be.

So how do you meet that happy medium of spending quality time with your children, your hubby, your family and yourself and carve time in there for quiet time with God (which I am totally lacking right now)?

Maybe I am just really bad at time management...I do get easily distracted and will find that an hour has already passed when I thought it would only take 10 minutes...maybe it is something that I need to schedule like an appointment...I have read that really helps. I don't know the answer, but I do know that this last year of being a mom and wife have been the best as well as the biggest learning experience of my life. I have learned so much about what it means to put someone else as the priority in my life, to meet other's needs before myself and each day I learn something new about my daughter, myself, being a wife and motherhood. It is a forever learning experience and just when we seem to have figured things out or got on a schedule...think again! I wouldn't change the chaotic trips to Target, the tornado that goes through my house daily, or not getting a shower till 4pm for anything...even if it means that I don't get that "Me Time" weekly. I know that I will get it and when I do my batteries will be recharged and I will be a better Mommy, wife and person for it.

How do you recharge your batteries or schedule "Me Time"?

I can't help but put some pictures of my Little Chick in this post!

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