Friday, November 30, 2012

One Man's Trash Is My Treasure {Ballard Design-Like Chairs}

My in-laws recently bought a rental house. Well my hubby took me over to see it and as I walked up the driveway to the open garage I saw them...upholstered dining chairs! My jaw dropped and it dropped even more when I was told I could have them. Apparently the previous owner was just going to throw them in the trash! NOOOO!!!! They have so much potential! I have just been picturing in my head what I can do with them and how they will look around my dining room mind is going wild!

There's the beauty! (I have 4 total)

I have been wanting to teach myself how to reupholster but like I have said before; I'm cheap. Therefore, I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something and then I never get it reupholstered...or I find out I just can't do it...what a sad day that would be. But, being that these were FREE I can't go wrong. If I screw one up, well, I have 3 more to practice on. I really only plan on using two for the ends of my table. So, technically I can screw up two and still have the other two to use!

So after looking around stores and websites I came across my inspiration for these chairs...ENTER...Ballard Design. If you haven't ever checked it out you need to. I do a LOT of window shopping on there. And strictly only window shopping....some of their stuff can be a bit $$$.

LOVE!!!! I am definitely adding the nailhead trim too!

I also found some inspiration at World Market (LOVE that store).

Now my only dilemma is what kind of fabric to use? Do I do a plain fabric in a linen look or do I go fun and wild and do a print like zebra or Greek keys or Ikat?! So many options!

Print or Plain? That is the question.

Stay tuned to find out!!!

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