Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Family of Two becoming Three!

So, I wanted to start this family blog to recap on fun and exciting events in the Haringsma House...I thought that I would share it and I hope you enjoy!

So, first on May 14th, 2011 we got a good surprise!

But it all began a week prior to this excitement. My hubby came to me out of the blue and said, "I'm Ready!" (As in to have a little one running around). Wow...where did that come from was my first thought then my second thought being you changed your mind fast in a week. But I wasn't going to complain.

From that week on I would check my temp in the morning before getting out of bed and write it down...all the stuff you are supposed to do when trying for a little one. The morning of May 14th I woke up doing the same thing I had done every morning for a week. I then got a weird feeling that something was up (sort of an inclination of some sort), so while Darin was at our Bro-In-Laws bday party that afternoon...I ran to get a test. The whole time thinking I've done this before and I know it is negative...I have thought I was pregnant every month...BUT to my surprise there were TWO Pink lines this time! I could not stop shaking and freaking out (in a good way of course). We had just started trying, but I was obviously already preggers!!!

Being that my Sis and Bro-In-Law live right down the street I called Darin to come pick me up to take me to the party. He walked in the door and he would not stop talking or give me a chance to tell him. Behind my back I was hiding a rolled up onsie that said "Dad Thinks I'm Number One" which of course was from another previous month that I thought we had a little surprise. I finally got a word in to tell him that I had something important to tell him and I handed him the onsie. He looked at it kinda of confused and said "Really?!?!" I then showed him the proof and he was out of this world excited!

The whole night was just surreal...we had our little secret and I had to fill up beer cans with H2O so no one would suspect. Because once you get married and  you stop drinking people automatically think you are preggers!

We couldn't wait to tell our parents so we had them over the following Thursday when I was only 5 weeks. The baby was the size of a nail head at this point so we decided to cut off four nail heads. Darin held onto them and out of no where asked them what they thought they were and that we had found them in the driveway. Right away our Dads knew what they were but they were puzzled as to why the nail was missing from the head. Then I told them that was how big their new Grandbaby was at this time. I can still hear my mom scream with excitement!!! We began to tell close friends and family slowly after that.

So we are now 16 weeks along. We have gotten one ultrasound and have heard the heartbeat twice and in 4 weeks we find out if we are having pink or blue!!! So stayed tuned!!

Our little bean at 8 weeks.

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