Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh Pinterest...How I love You

Pinterest...Obsession...enough said.

So I feel my "nesting" has taken on a more crafty way about it. I have been wanting to do so many different crafts and basically living at JoAnn's that they almost know me by name now.

This is where Pinterest comes new FAVORITE website! I have gotten so many ideas off of this website that it is crazy. From how to decorate my home, how to decorate my dream home, how to dress, how to dress my Little Miss, recipes and of course my favorite...the DIY stuff! I have done about 10 of my "DIY Craftiness" pins thus far. Now this doesn't mean that they all turned me, some were thrown in the trash. But at least I attempted them.

I have done...

DIY Candlesticks

Twine Wrapped Vase

Burp Cloths

Door Wreath (No picture yet)

Yarn Wrapped Letters For Nursery (No picture yet)

Lampshade Chandelier (not really a Pinterest craft, but I was inspired by Pinterest)

Distressed Nursery Sign

Chalkboard Organization

And a few others...those being the ones that ended up in the trash (ex: chalkboard wine glasses and mugs..didn't go very well).

BUT not only is this website ahh-mazing for crafts, but it has been great for recipes. The Hubby has loved trying new things and I finally feel like we aren't eating the same thing every week. Again, not all of them were great but you can't win them all...right?! I am also loving all the organizational ideas and cleaning ideas that are on there...basically I just love everything about the website! It is Ahh-Mazing!

So, thank you Pinterest for being there for my "nesting" craze. You have taught me so much and my hubby loves you too (well most of the time)...especially for all the good food.

If you haven't gotten the Pinterest bug yet...I highly recommend it. But be prepared to be addicted!

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